In cooking, salt is added to food – not to taste the salt itself – but to enhance the flavours of the key ingredients.

In branding, SALT does the same. Our purpose is to help you articulate the meaning and purpose of your brand. To enhance the flavours of your key ingredients so that your audience can’t get enough of you.

Many call us brand strategists. We see ourselves more like a collective of thinkers and investigators with experience, tools, and intellect to compellingly position and articulate brands to their audiences.

SALT Impact website launching soon – Using the proven approach of SALT to solve social challenges via concept creation, venture philanthropy and direct investment.


SALT was conceived from the notion that way too often brands still operate on a superficial level.

There was a clear need for a holistic, aligned approach where branding is based on substance and insight rather than assumptions and sugar coating.







We work with clients who share this ethos of bringing more clarity, alignment and substance to their brands.

We help CEOs, CMOs, brand managers and agency planners to see the world through the eyes of their audience. And having done that, we make sense of it all and help them align their business and articulate their story compellingly.

Our clients range from big corporates to exciting start-ups and from global agencies to local consultancies. We work collectively and co-create with copywriters, graphic designers, video producers, sales gurus, trainers and coaches. We’re happy to work with your existing partners if they share our ethos or put you in touch with the best in their field to execute on the thinking we’ve done.

We believe in open collaboration and challenge conventional agency structures.
We believe that by co-creating with other consultancies and agencies we can all bring our best expertise to the table, project by project. This way we can stay nimble, adaptable and free to deliver best results to our clients.



We believe that curiosity is the start of ingenuity.

We start by listening and observing you and your audience. With the help of our tools, we can get up close and personal with them and truly understand their current needs and values and to anticipate the emerging ones.

We don’t believe in putting our finger up in the air and pretending we know it all already.


We believe that our job is to make your job easier.

We gather, segment, dissect, analyse and wring all the insights gathered to make sense of them. We separate the essential from the fluff. We deliver you the pinnacle of understanding – the sweet spot between your audience’s unmet needs and your brand’s offering.

We consider our job well done when you feel that things fall into right places and everything starts to make sense.


We believe in actionable recommendations that you can start executing today.

After the outcomes have been refined, we can work together with your existing partners or recommend the best people in their field to execute on our thinking.

We believe that world is full of possibilities and that any strategy is only as good as its execution.



In addition to more traditional workshops and facilitations, SALT is very proud to have access to cutting edge insights tools provided by Kopla Tools.

We use these easily accessible online tools to listen and observe your audience to truly understand their motivations, frustrations and emerging needs and values.


Online Journals

A sneak peak into your audience’s everyday life via their laptop, mobile and tablet


Online Chatrooms

Like focus groups, just about hundred times more cost-effective, convenient and insightful


Mobile Pulse

Quick, convenient real-time reporting via smart phones – photos, narratives, preferences,  observations. Opportunity to create your own panel of hard-to-reach audiences.


Some companies we’ve had the privilege to work with

REA Group









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We can be used as advisors, insight generators, strategists, facilitators, analysts, agitators. You name it. As long as you share our ethos (and are a genuinely nice person), we’d love to hear from you.

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BLOM is a global clothing brand reaching new heights. It started from a humble headband but is now about to roll out a line of clothing and accessories that inspire much more than just good looks – freedom and smart creativity.

SALT has worked as an advisor to the BLOM leadership in their quest to refine and articulate their brand story and promise. And we’ve also given our expert advise on some fashion dilemmas even though the client never asked for it!


JumboCorp was achieving good traction with new commercial clients but their sales collateral and online presence was not matching with their abilities and future aspirations. Leadership of the company also felt that they were missing a clear and consistent way of articulating the purpose of the company and wanted to create a set of values to guide their decision making and to induct new employees.

SALT was engaged to work with the Leadership Team and Board members to discover the purpose and values of the company and to develop a practical communications framework to help execute on the thinking. After workshops and discussions we delivered a succinct purpose and a simple set of values applicable to everything the company does. From there, we worked together with The Bees’ Knees to create a brand voice, brand story, elevator pitch and a new tagline.

REA Group

As a leader in digital business, REA Group has an amazing culture and internal buzz about working at the company. What was missing was a clear and consistent way of articulating this externally to those who were not familiar with the company.

SALT was engaged to work alongside The Brand Institute of Australia to uncover and understand the true drivers behind external talent’s employment choices and to articulate the distinctive nature of REA Group as a workplace. We used in-depth interviews, Online Journals and Online Chatrooms both internally and externally to observe and understand the various audiences better. This understanding enabled us to discover the desired positioning for REA Group as an employer and to formulate their distinctive and authentic way of communicating.